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Exploring the Housing Options for Students in Boulder

The city of Boulder, Colorado is well-known for its collegiate environment, with the University of Colorado Boulder being a major focal point of the city. Many students choose to study in Boulder for its unique educational opportunities, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities. With such a high demand for student housing, finding the right fit for your needs can be difficult. This blog post will provide an overview of the student housing options available in Boulder, including both on-campus and off-campus options. With this information, you can make the best decision for your unique situation and ensure you have a safe, comfortable living experience in Boulder.


Pros & Cons Of Living On Campus

Living on campus can be a great experience for students at the University of Boulder. On the plus side, living on campus provides students with convenient access to their classes, the library, and other important resources. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity to make new friends, as there are always people around to hang out with. There is also often an on-campus dining hall, which can save students money as well as provide a quick and easy way to get a meal. On the other hand, living on campus can be noisy and somewhat expensive, and students may not have as much freedom or privacy as they would living off campus. Additionally, students must abide by the university’s housing policies and regulations, which may be restrictive or inconvenient.


Living In Off-Campus Apartments by CU Boulder


Living in off-campus apartments near CU Boulder is a popular option for many students. Boulder is known for its lively student culture and off-campus apartments provide the perfect opportunity to get involved in it without the pains of living on campus. Finding an off-campus apartment near the university is easy, as there are a variety of options to fit any student’s budget. Off-campus apartments such as Plaza on Broadway provide private bedrooms and bathrooms, underground parking, an in-unit washer & dryer, and 24/7 maintenance to make life easier. Off-campus apartments also provide students with more freedom, as they don’t have to adhere to the rules imposed by the university.


Live Close To Campus

Many students choose on-campus housing for the convenience of being so close to all of their classes, without realizing that off-campus housing for students in Boulder has the potential to be just as convenient. Plaza on Broadway is just across the street from CU Boulder’s massive campus, proving to be just as convenient a location as on-campus housing, while still providing some separation from school and your personal life.


How to Choose a College Apartment by CU

Choosing where to live while attending school can be daunting, but you just have to decide what factors matter the most to you. For most students, location is super important when choosing student living by CU. You also have to consider budget, privacy, and the quality of the property. At Plaza on Broadway, we are here to make this process as easy as possible. Give us a call or stop by today for a tour, we would love to show you around!

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